<p>National Flag and National Emblem of Sri Lanka
</p><p>National Bird in Sri Lanka - Jungle Fowl
</p><p>National Animal in Sri Lanka - Giant Squirrel
</p><p>National Flower in Sri Lanka - Blue Water Lily
</p><p>National Tree in Sri Lanka - Na Tree
</p><p>National Game in Sri Lanka - Volley Ball
</p><p>National Gem in Sri Lanka - Blue Sapphire
</p><p>Sri Lanka First Capital - Anuradapura
</p><p>Sri Lanka Second Capital - Polonnaruwa
</p><p>Sri Lanka Last Kingdom - Kandy</p>

Marvels of Sri Lanka

Man made reservoirs expanding along the horizon, stupas that reached the sky and functioned as data transmitters, palaces atop rocks adorned with intricate sculpture, water gardens and futuristic landscaping technologies and star gates are just few of the engineering feasts of the ancient Sri Lankans.
Enriched with Buddhism brought down from India nearly three thousand years ago Sri Lankan engineers and artisans created some of the most breath-taking structures in the old world. Built with bricks and carved with stones; these creations found in the ancient cities of Sri Lanka continues to amaze the world.


The Star Tracing
Stupas of Sri Lanka
The Stargate at
Ranmasu Uyana

Yoda Ela –An Ancient

Engineering Marvel

Map Local plc
RanMasuUyana stargate


Sigiriya – A Heavenly

Palace on Earth

Adam's Bridge




Ruwanweli Seya

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