Helgas Folly - Kandy
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Inspiring stereophonic single ‘madame helga’ reaching 4th in the uk charts10 minutes stroll from the ancient kingdom of Kandy, designed by Helga’s mother in the 30’s, and overlooking jungle lake and magnificent mountain scenery sits Helga’s Folly

“A large sprawling red building appears through the thick foliage clinging to the hillside. Stalactites of wax hang from candleabra in various parts of the room. The golden cone of an hmv gramaphone stands grandly in a corner. Cole porters ‘night and day’ plays in the background, in an odd sort of way fantasy and reality meld”. ctsy ‘the Sri Lankans’ Martin Pieris. “Visitors are taken aback when they first step inside Helga’s Folly. The building is enormous with about 40 rooms linked by random staircases and narrow corridors”.“Now hardly an inch of the structure has been left untouched by Helga. Each room is an explosion of flamboyant colours, rich fabrics and gaudy furnishings. Signs of the zodiac beam down from the ceilings. Sri Lankan art adorns the walls: silk and satin curtains tumble from ochre staircases: stag heads, peacocks and antique weaponary clamber up brahminesque blue washed walls. It’s jungle scheme, reflected in carefully placed mirrors, some gilt edged, others shrouded by gothic mirrors.

“Decorated by the owner Helga de Silva blow Perera in a whimsical tropical theme. Converted to a sumptuous house, that would serve baz luhrman should he ever opt to film ‘moulin rouge’ jungle style. Helga grew up in a world of colonial tea pots, hollywood gossip and marxist revolutions”. “Walls are adorned with paintings, newspaper clippings, poignant photographs and hastily scribbled verses. ““tells the history of one of the country’s most illustrious families”“emphasizes’ on the whimsy of life’. Reflecting Helga’s preference to juxtapose and mix the pedigrees”. Much of the furniture is antique Sinhalese or Dutch inherited heirlooms of the family, while decorative pieces throughout are from local markets and toy shops. Ctsy ‘living in Sri Lanka’ by James Fennell and turtle Bunbury, Thames and Hudson.

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