Weir House - Kandy
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Located in the picturesque village of Ulapane, in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, The Weir House is all about de-stressing in surroundings that can only be described as nature’s therapy for the over-worked.

The Weir House is set on a 6-acre property, and is built on a mountainside. The house is nestled within a grove of clove trees. Verdant forest landscapes envelop you, and a river gurgles at the bottom of the property. The house has four bedrooms – and can accommodate a group of family and friends. The living areas are large, and with several gardens, a wading pool and scenic treks, there’s ample opportunity for both camaraderie and solitude.


The Weir House is designed with laid-back living in mind. The house has four bedrooms – named after the spices that are cultivated in the surrounding region. Kurundu (Cinnamon), Inguru (Ginger), and Karabu (Cloves) sleep 2 people in each, while the larger room Sadikka (Nutmeg) can comfortably accommodate four people. Bedrooms open into gardens or verandahs where you can dawdle over a morning cup of coffee. Each bedroom has an en-suite bathroom – with hot water showers powered by solar energy.

The house has a spacious living room with 270-degree views. The living room is equipped with all the necessary modern day comforts, including cable TV, a DVD player, and a stereo with an Ipod connection.

The house has its own manager, cook and two other staff members, who will be happy to help you with your needs.


There are three main gardens – replete with fruit trees and indigenous plants. Mornings are heralded in with a chorus of birdsong – and early-risers are rewarded by sightings of myriad varieties of birds.

Benches are tucked away in different corners of the gardens, allowing you to steal away with a good book – or just spend time meditating on the landscape. The shallow pool with in-built Jacuzzi spouts offers a cool respite from any arduous activities that you may have indulged in during the day.

Beyond the gardens the property stretches uphill. Pathways lead you to the furthest corners of the Weir House. If you are curious about the origins of your morning brew or the contents of your pepper mill – a quick exploration of the small-scale pepper and coffee plantation will prove to be quite educational. The gardener will also be happy to walk you around the vegetable and indigenous herb gardens.

Things to do


The Fields Beckon The Weir House has recently ventured into coffee and pepper cultivation and are very enthusiastic about the new project. The pepper plant has a long history in Sri Lanka - while British colonisers first introduced coffee to the Island in the 1700s. The resident manager will be happy to walk you through the plantation - and provide you with an overview of the histories and the methods of cultivation of the two crops.

A River Runs Through It The Raja Ela, a tributary of Sri Lanka's longest river, the Mahaweli flows past the property. Walk by the river - and then past an anicut that is rumoured to have first been built by ancient kings. This is a lovely tree-shaded walk, which will provide you with a glimpse of village life in Sri Lanka.

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